Sunday, October 24, 2010

Absentee is why!

I have been a bad blogger this past week or so. Life here has been hectic. No, crazy is a better description. But this is a fun crazy, hectic life! We had our first booth of the season this past weekend. The past few weeks have been a flurry of preparations, planning and making fun things.
I got this antique frame and made the above whiteboard. I LOVED IT. Then I broke the glass. :(
No time to get glass cut, so I made it into a memo board. It didn't sell, so now I am going to cut glass and remake the whiteboard.
We are having fun with burlap this season. The menu board above was popular. It is a fun idea for any kitchen!

My partner made the board above and below. I love them both!
We have brother/sister boards.
Several different hanging signs....
These are the hanging sentiment signs that people seem to LOVE!
Chunky picture frames, industrial but fun.

Another favorite. Reclaim your fridge....The kids love these and the moms do too.
The magnetic photo boards have always been one of our better sellers. It is so interesting how what is a hot-cake sometimes is a cold fish other times. This was a cold fish this week.
A new project we experimented with and we like.

And here is one of MY favorites. It is busy but I want it for my house! We make all these fun things for our booth, and seldom make things for our own houses! I do think I'll be making myself one of these.

This is just a little taste of what we had. I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the whole booth b/c we were busy ALL day. We had a great day. The weather was perfect, lots of friends came by to say hi, and we did brisk business all day. We have 2 weeks until our next show. We'll spend this time making all the custom orders from this past weekend and remaking the things that sold this past weekend. I have several projects here at home that are waiting for me. I LOVE this time of year! Getting to make fun things everyday makes me a happy mom!


  1. Oh, what great items! I just recently finished a project and then broke the glass too!!! Your partners boards are darling!! the signs are great! I know what you mean about one week it's hot and the next weeks it's not!


  2. Wow! What beautiful items you have! I love the magnetic boards.

    Would you mind sharing some pics of your craft booth display? I'd love to see it!