Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Projects, New Posts!

Happy New Year! I am blowing the dust off the blog and have a lot of fun projects planned!
I had hoped to keep posting through the holidays, but we were so busy, I had no time. Here are a few of the fun orders I had over the holidays.
We took old cabinet doors and made stocking/picture hangers. They looked so good! I was tempted to make one for my home, but ran out of time and cabinet doors.
Teacher's gifts.......aren't these fun!
A nod to patriotism.
These next 2 smalls signs look great hanging on BIG wreaths! Or just as they are....

And another cabinet door.
The holiday season was a busy one! Fun and busy! Our vinyl business heats up from Sept. through Christmas, but now we will have a lull until about March..
This is good because......we are buying a house! It is a Bank Owned property and there are things to be done! Lots of fun things! :) The inspection is today, so as long as it passes inspection..this blog will be hopping with lots of projects for both homes!

Don't ya love the front door!!!! (That is my dad looking at the missing entry lamp....I am going to put him to work!)


  1. Congratulations--your signs are wonderful and your new front door is to die for. Can not wait until you post more pictures of the house and any other signs you come up with.
    Take care,

  2. I love your blog!! You have some really cool projects!!