Saturday, January 8, 2011

Upcoming projects...

First up today, I need your advice! :) This is the entry from the back door at the home we are in the process of buying. I was thrilled when I walked in the door and saw this! We have 4 kids in school, so it works perfect! They will each have a place for their book bags, coats, etc. The mural is not my style, so I would like to spiff this up pretty quickly when we close. I have visions of molding, bead board and paint.......

Here is my dilemma: I want to paint it, but what color? I don't want it to be the same blah color as the walls. (The next picture below shows the current wall color in the kitchen-it will be changing- which is visible from the entry area.) Any suggestions on how to paint this up?
Here are my current thoughts on what I MIGHT do:
White-this one is where I am leaning right now. It will brighten the area, and flow with the moldings through the house since they are white. I am concerned it will get dirty and dingy quickly. If I paint the framework white, should I paint the back wall a different color to make it pop?(In the bottom I plan to use black or dark brown baskets)
Black-the surround over the cook top is black, and since this area is visible from the kitchen it would also work ok. The entry area is about 4-5 feet wide, and does not have a lot of natural light. The floors are already dark. Painting it black would darken the space considerably. (For the bottom i will use either vintage locker baskets in coated white or canvas baskets.)
Blue-I LOVE blue and would probably use a color similar to what i have used on other projects. My kids may protest b/c until we have the kitchen painted a color other than orange, it would resemble Auburn colors and we are a decidedly Crimson Tide family. :)
Seriously though, I am worried I will tire of the blue quickly, but it would be fun until I got tired of it. If I do the blue, the baskets for the bottom will be either a deep brown or the vintage locker baskets I have that are coated white metal.

Those are the three colors I am chewing over right now.
The kitchen is also a can see in the above pictures that the walls are a glowingly bright orange. This color is carried from the kitchen into the dining area and into the attached hearth room. The ceilings are also this lovely shade of pumpkin. The floors in here are wood. The cabinets are distressed/glazed cream. The look fine except the clear coat is yellowing considerably. The counter tops are granite tile. I am considering painting the bottom cabinets black to match the cook-top surround. Not sure about the upper cabinets.I was thinking of leaving them a lighter color? Thoughts????? Seriously, I want to hear your opinions!
Is it sad that I had a dream about that tub last night? I am quite certain I will be soaking in it our first night in the house if all goes well!
And now, this is what I am working on today:
I've only had it on my list for like 4 months (maybe longer, but denial is a wonderful thing). I am sanding now! I got this desk for 7.50. The drawers are in need of repair, so they are in the garage getting some first-aid.
Check back Monday for the finished results! :) And don't forget to leave me a comment with your opinion on the paint dilemma!


  1. I have terrible taste so you don't want my opinion but I am excited to see what you decide to do!! :)

  2. i vote for a high gloss white on those cubbies. it would add some shine/sheen, plus SUPER easy to wipe down when they get dirty;) im all into white right now..crisp, clean, fresh and always good. i think you should try that "different color on the bottom cabinets" thing. you really liked that when i was looking to paint mine and i think you should do it!! (YOU be the guinea pig!!!)

  3. I too like the idea of the high gloss white for the cubby space. A quick swipe of a magic eraser sponge & any dirt would be gone :) You could also do some of the wainscoting wallpaper inside each cubby to give it some texture (I'm all about the wainscoting right now)

    I like the idea of the darker cabinets on the bottom & a lighter cabinet on the top too. I'm sure whatever you do will turn out really nice!

  4. White but put fabric or paint the back walls of the cubbies blue. Then you get both of your favorites! Even paintable wallpaper would be cool. Maybe have each kid paint, stencil, choose their own fabric for the back of their cubby?