Saturday, July 24, 2010

I love Hobby Lobby Clearance!

I love Hobby Lobby clearance! I found some really good deals last week in their 80% off section. They had these 3 metal thingies for $1.20 each. I am starting to decorate the Master Bath and thought I might could do something with these. My walls are nearly the same color as the metal pieces, so I decided to mount them on squares of MDF.
I cut three 6x6inch square, painted them black, then distressed the edges.

I then centered each (somewhat) and screwed them in.

I painted the screw heads so they didn't stand out too terribly.

Above you can see all three assembled and screws painted.

Next, each one got a matte finish clear coat and a hanger installed on the back.

Finally, I eyeballed it and put three picture hangers on my bathroom wall. They aren't exactly level, but I'll fix them later when I am certain they are staying here. Depending on what I do below, they may need to come down some. I am thinking of putting some vinyl below it.

Hmmm......I like the height of the towel stand, but despise the thought of my bath towels in my water closet. Gross....
If I leave the bird cage on the tank, I'll have to either put a floating shelf under or lower them. Do you think I could get away with doing a large black frame with maybe an architectural photo under them? These would also fit nicely going vertical on a narrow wall.
This project took me about 25 minutes. I used scrap wood from some vinyl signs and paint I had on hand. The total cost was $3.60 for the metal emblems.


  1. Great finds, I love clearance too!!

  2. I'm seeing so many great deals in blogland from HL...I must go soon!


  3. LOVE IT! now i want to make a hobby lobby trip:)

  4. I feel the same about HL - although the one I go to just had their roof collapse b/c of heavy rainfall..I'm at a loss now! I love this project and the toilet paper in the birdcage!! Jen

  5. Oooh - those are cool - great price too...

  6. Very cute project. Have you considered hanging them the opposite way? Just a thought...then you do not need a shelf or anything:) Thanks for linking up to the nice to have ya! Debbie

  7. I think a shelf or print would work...but these look great !:)

  8. I think hanging them verically would be nice. Then pick up a simple frame at a thrift store, take the glass and backing out, paint it black and hang these inside, would be nict too.

    Sorry to post anonymous but my log in is not working.

  9. What a great idea! These are adorable! I will have to try this! I found you on Girl Creative, I enjoyed looking around your blog and just became your follower!

  10. lol, i just did a post on hobby lobby jealousy induced clearance shopping. love that idea for the toilet paper!

  11. These look beautiful!
    Hobby lobby is my absolute favorite store!
    Thank you for sharing!