Monday, September 13, 2010

For the birds....

I forgot to take a picture of the frame before. I just primed, then sprayed an old ugly frame from which the glass was broken. Since this was for a baby girl, I did the light pink I used on a previous project.
After the pink was dry, I glazed it. You know I love that stuff! :)

This little bird will be in the center. I simply modpodged the paper onto the mdf birdie. Sand around the bird to tear away the excess paper and get a smooth edge.
I was trying to decide where to go from here. My original plan was to mount the modpodged bird onto some covered chipboard.
Instead, I drilled a hole in the bird.
Selected some pretty ribbon and tied it onto the frame. I didn't want the bird to slide around a ton, so I used a staple gun and stapled the ribbon to the frame on the back.
Here it is hanging on my wall. I think it turned out kind of cute and I like the depth it has hanging there vs. being mounted on chipboard.

Wouldn't an initial look cute like this too!
This project cost nothing since I had everything on hand. I would expect it would cost you less than $3.00 to make if you had to buy it all.
The past week has been unbelievable crazy, but things have settled back down and I have a TON of great stuff up the shoot! A few side tables, a dining room table, the dresser I have been putting off forever, and much more! Plus, I am getting ready for our fall show season, so I'll be sharing some new designs we are working on for our vinyl signs!


  1. very cute!! love the glazing on frame too.
    what kind do you use?


    barbara jean

  2. I'm your newest follower.

  3. Just became a follower! I am obsessed with birdies right now, and this is such an adorable way to display one!
    Did you cut out the bird by hand, or did you find it precut?
    Chelsea @ Decor Roomies

  4. I found them in a package at Micheals last year. I don't know if they still have them or not?
    I can take a picture of the package if you would like?

    Barbara, I use the Valspar Antiquing Glaze. I LOVE it! So easy to work with.

  5. Just found your blog through links.. such a cute blog. If you ever need new recipes or want to share your own, or share your own find(craft or something you cant live without) come check us out and email us

  6. That is so adorable! You have a great blog! I'm a new follower!

  7. that's super cute & simple. love it!

    found ya at me & my bucket. new follower. come visit sometime (:

  8. Free-hanging was definitely the way to go - much more fun this way and not so straight-laced.

  9. It looks very cute! I love glaze, too. The initial would be a very fun idea! Great job.

  10. So cute! I just bought a fabulous square frame at goodwill today...think it would be so cute to do like this with the initial! Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. That is super cute! Great colors and I love the bird hanging free in the center.

  12. Darling! I love how the frame turned out. And you are right, it would look great with an initial/monogram!

    ~Lori @ Paisley Passions
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  13. Love this project it turned out great. I am now a follower of your wonderful blog. Thanks for sharing all your projects with us. I for one really need all the information. I want to transform furniture, signs, and things but am a little hesitant--so I love the great details you share with us.

  14. I like how you put that together-a simple but impressive project!

  15. I love the bird hanging! It looks great!
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  16. OMGoodness! I ♥ this little birdie! So sweet! Oooh I also want you to know that I given you and award!

    Have a Great Day!