Friday, September 3, 2010

Recent thrifty finds

My favorite local thrift store has occasional sales where furniture is half off. I happened to stumble by one day not too long ago and grabbed this desk for $7.50. The drawers are falling apart, but I think this piece will be adorable when it is redone! I am tempted to forget about the drawers and make each opening a shelf. It most certainly needs a good cleaning, sanding and some paint!
Today, I was out running errands by myself and decided to pop in. I was actually looking for a large frame for a project for church, but never one to pass up a sale, ended up in the furniture depart because of the 1/2 priced sale. I was hoping to find a dresser, but there was nothing good left. On my way out, I spotted this desk from the corner of my eye.
The veneer has some peeling, there is some rust, and it needs lots of work. But it was marked $5.00, so for $2.50 it was going home with me!!!!
I love the thick tubing on the arm of the desk. Now to decide what colors and treatment to do!!
My little four year old thought this was the coolest thing! These are the kinds of desks we used when I was in school! I don't remember the actual desk top being so small though. Do you?


  1. Just love the school desk! Wish I had room for one as it is such a great decorating item if your kids are older like mine!!


  2. Great finds. I saw a desk like that yesterday at the thrift shop next to Green Papaya. I thought it was so cute but I have no clue where to put it! Where are you putting yours??

  3. I can't wait to see what you do with that desk. I think there is one in my old playhouse at my parents. Make it cute so I'll be inspired to do something with mine. My parents will thank you! (They're a little tired of being my personal storage room!)

  4. you have the best luck on furniture!!! Great scores!

  5. i love all your finds. i lovE the thrift store. i featured your two-faced plaq on my blog today. thanks for the idea.