Monday, September 6, 2010

The Force was with me!

This Saturday, my yard sale buddy and I sat out on yet another grand adventure. Luck (or the Force....) was with me this weekend! I have four boys. Three of which are still into all things Star Wars. One of the later sales we stopped at on Saturday was a guy selling off all his old childhood toys. He had a computer box marked $5.00 for the box. It was full of ORIGINAL Star Wars toys. Like from 1977. The "newest" one is marked 1980. He also was selling all his original GI Joe toys. I immediately took interest in the Star Wars toys b/c some of our storm troopers had recently died at the mouth of our dog. She loves to chew their heads off then leave them for dead.
We have not been buying the boys any toys b/c of the state of their rooms. I'll translate that for you: their rooms are F-5 tornado messy. Bad....But I just could not pass up this box of toys. The guys was pretty desperate to sell, and told me if I was interested he would bargain a little. I offered $3.00 and he accepted. I got all these goodies below for three bucks! I have been told the above is some kind of obscure medical ship. I don't remember ever seeing it, but I'll bow to the knowledge of my Star Wars nerds.
This toy still had the original R2D2 in it. The R2 was in rough shape, but still usable. The stickers are just very worn.

See what I mean. Poor R2 has seen better days. But hey, it is over 30 years old!

I have no idea what this is called. It looked brand spankin' new. I am guessing it wasn't a favorite.

This and the one below are small and metal, about the size of my hand.

An original lightsaber. Unfortunately it is just the handle. The saber portion has been long gone. My boys still thought it was cool!

Here is a 1977 Blue R2D2 (the other one that was in bad shape had the orange stickers)
I just love R2D2. I would have been thrilled if the loot included a C3PO.

Here is some more of the gang...I didn't realize that the original action figures heads were not movable.

And the whole gang together.

My boys were thrilled when they spotted the box and their new treasures. Their excitement was quickly dashed when they were informed the Star Wars contingency would only be moving upstairs when their room was clean. Today is Monday and they are still waiting to be moved to their new homes. My boys do come and visit the box regularly. But I am a mean mom and they don't get them till the room is clean.
My husband was even excited about this yard sale find. He actually said I should have bought the GI Joe stuff! It was a HUGE rubbermaid full of all the original guys, vehicles and accessories for 20 bucks. I remember my brother having all these toys back in the day! A bit of nostalgia and lots of future fun for my boys....and all for $3.00!


  1. Unbelievable - my husband would have a hissy fit. He still has all of his that are the same as these...he has nearly a complete collection.

  2. Chuck saw this and accused me of being "blind", letting you get all the "good stuff" then something about "chance of a lifetime".

  3. you really should check out how much they are worth before you hand them over to your boys...some of the original star wars figures are worth a small fortune. :) Seriously. :)
    Have fun playing!

  4. Wow great find. That stuff sells for a lot of money on line. My husband has tons of original Star Wars stuff and he said that guy was out of his mind for selling it so cheap. He has now given me the "OK" to buy more toys at garage sales if I can score deals like you!

  5. You might want to check ebay before you give these "guys" to your guys!

  6. o...m...g....I WANT THOSE!!! amazing!

  7. Ginger, you should be ashamed for not paying that poor guy the full $5!
    Just kidding (kinda)! Good find!

  8. What a find! I sold my sons HeMan toys this summer to a guy whose mom had sold his at a garage sale years ago - he was looking to recreate his favorite toys and my son was looking to pay off some student loans! The Star War toys are still - and will remain - in the attic. Great find!