Saturday, August 7, 2010

Back to School Teacher's Gift!

Our vacation week is over!
I am sad because it means school starts Monday.
I love summer vacation and it seems to have been so short this year!
But, I am looking forward to the school year too! Fall gets to be so busy, but it is the kind of busy I LOVE!!!!!
The kids are excited to go to school and have lots of great memories from summer!
The past week I only did a little of this:
(I love how this sign turned out! It was a custom order for the store we are in here locally!)
While work was light this week, enjoyment was PLENTIFUL! It was HOT, but we still had fun! I packed up the kids and visited my parents in South Alabama. We spent a day at the Exploreum (this really fun hands on Science/Learning/Museum thingie!). We packed up and went to spend a day at the shore in Fairhope. We got there and within 5 minutes of making the trek from the car, unpacking and getting settled.....jellyfish. Big ones too! Lots of them. So we played in the sand, got a little wet, them packed it in and headed to the splash pad at the outdoor mall.

The picture below was before we found the jellyfish.
The splash pad was a great replacement. My older two went and read books at Barnes and Nobles (with their Grandpa), and Grandma and I hung out in the shade watching the younger 3 splash.
We went to the movies, did some shopping,returned to the Exploreum for a second dose, ate out and refereed lots of sibling fights! Now we are home and I owe you guys a project!
This is a quick one! It was a custom order from the store for a Back to School gift for a teacher! What teacher wouldn't love to received one of these for her door?
I cut a 1/4 inch piece of MDF to 8x8 inches.
Painted the front, sides and back white. Sanded the edges when it dried.
I cut a zebra background in black vinyl. If you don't have a vinyl cutter (cricut, silhouette, etc.) you could freehand and paint the background, or print off a zebra print using a laser printer. There are also lots of zebra scrapbook papers you could mod-podge on! After getting the zebra print on, I applied the name in Hot pink!
I had so much fun making the background for this that I also formatted the following backgrounds:
polka dot
checker board
To finish it off, I picked a hot pink coordinating ribbon. Prior to tying the ribbon on, I sealed it with a brush on clear coat (I prefer DecoArts Americana Satins)
To complete this project, you need the following
1- 8x8 MDF 1/4 inch board
White paint and foam brush
Drill (or stapler if you prefer to staple your ribbon on)
Zebra Print background ( Vinyl, hand drawn, printed or scrapbook paper)
Vinyl Name/monogram or die cut paper
Clear Coat (Decoart Americana Satins)

If you want the zebra (or other backgrounds) in vinyl just email me!


  1. That looks awesome!!!! i love me some zebra!!!


  2. cute! callie is all about zebra print..LOL! glad you had a fun week at your parents! cant wait to see your projects this fall:)

  3. That is adorable! You come up with the cutest ideas. Can't wait to see more!

  4. Love it! Do tell the name of the font you used? It's super cute!

  5. HI I have a question or two actually....
    I have a cricut but I don't understand how you cut the zebra background?Cartridge?
    Also what is the font that you used on this sign?