Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Estate sales and Thrifting!!!!

School started back today! My little guy and I headed out with Suzanna and her mom to check out an estate sale. The house was set back off the road and into the woods. When we pulled into the driveway it was like a swarm of ants surrounding a cookie! There were people out in force! Estate sales always make me kind feel a bit melancholy. I guess it just makes me sad to see some one's life sold off to strangers trying to buy their memories for pennies on the dollar. (And yes, I am definitely one of the masses looking for a deal!)
(This white trivet was only $1.50! The silver serving spoons came from Goodwill today for $1.50 as well!)
Today's estate sale was a good one! The people had great taste in furniture and decor (for the most part). There were a lot of furniture pieces that I was very tempted to splurge on, but managed to leave having put a bid in on only one. I doubt I will win it, but a girl can dream. There was a ton of everything and very little junk! I found this old framed tin ceiling piece that will be mine if it is still there tomorrow morning at half off! Suzanna found several things including some Christmas ornaments, a roasting pan, a faux fur collar, and a wooden decorative hanging. (If she puts up pics, I'll put a link...her blog is The Mermaid and the Astronaut linked on my right bar)
I left with only the trivet above and the decorative piece below.
(This little pineapple was only a dollar! It is quite heavy too!)
Shopping with Suzanna is fun! (and her mom too!) We have shopped with one another enough now that we keep an eye out for each other and for the most part knows what the other likes and looks for. My recent addiction is furniture.....maybe I need to find a smaller (in size) item to collect.
After the estate sale, I had to do a little work. Something has to pay for all this fun! :)
We have always had the cute little monogram boards, but the houndstooth background is new (and popular). I have a few variations I am working on to make the monogram easier to read.

This is another take on the zebra print sign. I like the thick chunky font!
(Osh Kosh shoes $.75)
After doing a little work, Sam (my kiddo) and I hit a few of my favorite thrift shops in the area. I was supposed to go grocery shopping, but food can wait! (In truth, I want to go to the commissary tomorrow b/c the thrift shop on base will be open tomorrow!) I got Sam the above shoes for 75 cents! They look as if they have never been worn! He loves loafers, boat shoes, sperry's....he's four. He doesn't like socks. They get stinky. REALLY stinky. The above will be his 4th pair in this size. I am thrilled to throw out the funky smelling shoes he took off in my truck today.
(Vera Bradley bag and wallet $2.00)
Next up is the local Good Will. I forget about the good will in my little town. They do not have a furniture section (they truck it to Montgomery) and really have mostly clothes and dishes. Today I found this cute little Vera Bradley purse.
Inside was the matching wallet. Both are in excellent condition.
I really love the colors! I bought it thinking my 12 year old daughter might like it. She did. But it isn't her style. I only paid $2.00 for the purse and wallet.
I am thinking it will either end up in the consignment sale or on Ebay. The bag is too small for me and I couldn't break up the set to use the wallet. I am weird that way.

I also got a pair of 8 slim jeans for my son for 75 cents and a pair of jeans for me for a few bucks. Overall not a bad day! I managed to leave the estate sale spending only $2.50. I did put a bid in on a really lovely round coffee table. I also am planning to be there when they open in the morning to try to get my hands on that tin ceiling hanging thingie. There is also a banana yellow buffet/hutch with tempered glass that I might see if I can work a deal on. I could have some FUN with it!

I spent $3.50 at Goodwill today on the Vera Bradley set and the silver serving spoons.
At the local Rescue mission I spent $6.49 on pants and shoes!

The only disappointment of the day was Salvation Army. There was nothing of interest there today (unless you count the 3 grocery carts FULL of smutty romance novels!).

Coming up this week I have several projects! An ugly frame from this past weekend's garage sales will get a face lift and become a rather LARGE chalkboard. I will finally get around to the white dresser in the garage that has been patiently waiting for me for some time now! I am also contemplating reorganizing my laundry room. If only I could make it grow somehow!!!!


  1. The trivet and serving spoon are both gorgeous!!

  2. vera Bradley for $2.00 SCORE! I have never heard of an estate sale on Monday! I always feel sad too, like I am intruding.


  3. You really racked up the goods this week on the friend has that very same Vera bag...think she paid like 50 bucks! Thanks for joining in this week:) Debbie

  4. you go girl!!!! I love your pineapple!!!

  5. I love that pineapple. You found some great deals and it looks as though you were all over the place!

  6. I love everything you found!! Great deals - but the best one was probably the VB purse & wallet!! you couldn't even buy a sticker in the store for $2!! lol