Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birthday and Business

This week has been on full of birthdays and business. My little guy turned 7 years old! I can still remember holding him the day he was born. He was my smallest, sweetest and hairiest baby! He is still small and sweet. We try to keep the hair to a minimum.
Wonder what he is wishing for!? I sure hope he gets it. He asked for a red velvet cake for his birthday! I don't think I even liked red velvet cake as a child. My grandmother makes a mean red velvet cake though! Yummy! (Publix made this one and it was great!)
He was happy with his loot. He got toys and clothes. He is such an easy to please child. He was thrilled that we brought cupcakes, airheads and juice boxes up to the school for his birthday (but I forgot the camera).
As you can see, mommy obligations have kept me really busy this week. That and a little business. We had a couple custom orders to turn around and have been planning for the upcoming holiday season.(Below is my favorite order this week!) This is the time of year that I LOVE!!!!! We do outdoor craft shows, indoor holiday markets and home shows. I LOVE talking to people (as does my partner Candi) so we thrive on the shows!
This is a sign I took to the shop today. There was a canvas painted sign like this one in the store (not for sale). Someone wanted one done like it so we replicated it on wood...I love how it turned out and think I am going to do a pink and green version. I have to admit I cheated on they diamond pattern. I made a harlequin pattern on my vinyl machine and cut it from vinyl. Then I placed the diamonds on the board which had been painted blue. I painted the board green, then peeled off the vinyl diamonds and poof.....a "hand painted" background.

I have several big projects in the chute...I just need to find time to get to them! This is going to be a full weekend with my parents in town visiting, my sister and her kids coming to hang out and of course yard sales! I promise to have several great projects next week! I am going to start giving you guys some Christmas gift ideas!


  1. Happy birthday to you little guy. He looks like a sweet one.

  2. he has the best birthday! ;)

  3. Love the photo of him making his wish! So sweet!