Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Funky Frame Redo Part 1

First up today is a new sample sign for the store. I am not sure if I am loving it yet. Sometimes it takes me a few variations before something seems right.
We are in the heart of Bama country! Houndstooth is a commodity right up there with bread and water! (ofcourse there are those who bleed orange and blue...that's Auburn for you non-locals!)
My husband thinks I need to make the houndstooth print smaller. I am thinking he might be right, but I am also not wanting to weed a smaller print houndstooth! Does anyone want to volunteer to be my weeder? :)
After I finished the sign, I moved on to this funky, ugly frame.
The size on this is GREAT! It is 24x48 inches. I paid $3.00 for it at a yard sale this past weekend.

The inside picture had water damage and was warped badly, but the frame was in *decent* shape. Unless you consider the below:
It had this ugly, fuzzy strip of green around it. THAT HAD TO GO! It was rubbing off with my fingertips, so I grabbed the wire brush and scrubbed!
Much better! There is a backing paper there from the fuzzy stuff, but I decided to leave that b/c it did not want to come off. You can see in the above detailed picture that the wood part of the frame is rough. Not smooth and even like most frames. I thought to sand it, but decided to leave the more rustic looking wood. I think once I have it distressed and glazed it will give the frame nice texture.
Here it is after one coat of my favorite Blue Ocean paint. I love this paint. That color is so perfect!
Here is the frame as it is now. This is three coats of spray paint. I think one more coat and I can move on to the inside of the frame. I am torn about what to do. I have a few choices....1. blackboard 2. chickenwire to make a message center. If I do the chicken wire I have a funky small frame I would tie into the chicken wire. The third option is to leave it as an empty frame.

What do you think? I think hanging it 24 across and 48 down would look great on a narrow wall or even on a fridge! My yard sale buddy is the one who thought of the fridge and I have loved the idea ever since! Just hanging there on the fridge with funky magnets and papers inside! Hmmm....

Tomorrow we are heading to one of our favorite thrift stores a few towns over. I hope it does not disappoint!


  1. I Love that color! You are amazing my dear!

    love your guts

  2. The frame is super super PRETTY'LOVE IT

  3. I love it too--I have such an infatuation with frames!

  4. Great job. I love the color and the fridge idea.


  5. I love the houndstooth!! So cute. And the color of the frame is gorgeous!